LinkedIn Prospecting

1:1 LinkedIn Prospecting with Video

Send 1:1 Linkedin prospecting video messages for effective response.

LinkedIn Prospecting

Linkedin Social Selling

Grab Prospect’s Attention with Linkedin Videos

With LinkedIn social selling, more than hundreds of sales reps are trying to reach your prospect. Videos in social selling give you a chance to stand out. With Hippo Video for Linkedin, your messages will never get lost in a pool of messages.



Linkedin Tracking

Video Analytics to Plan Your Follow Ups

You can now track every video sent to every prospect over Linkedin. Prospects can be tracked easily with video watch rates, locations, user profiles etc. Detailed prospect tracking can help sales reps to never miss out on a warm or active lead.


Prospecting on LinkedIn? Use Videos to Catch Attention

Up your LinkedIn Prospecting Game Now

Prospecting on LinkedIn? Use Videos to Catch Attention


Your video thumbnail will be visible in the message. Once clicked, the video will play on a new tab.
The videos are hosted on Hippo Video. One can always download the video by signing up in Hippo Video account.
No, videos go as a link and a thumbnail image in Linkedin.

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How to Accelerate Your Sales with Hippo Video
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