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Educate and Prospect Through Personalized Videos

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Here is How You Can Scale Your Business Using Videos

Increase Response Rates

Cold emails and long-form texts are long gone. Grab your prospect’s attention with an engaging video email that will let you stand out from the crowd. Video emails also increase open rates and click-through rates.

Stand Out With Sales Pages

Create, add videos, and take advantage of sales pages. Personalize every single element on the page to deliver a personalized experience to your prospects. Also, add product/business-related videos to the video carousel.

Improve Prospect Engagement

In every video add interactive CTAs to let your prospects book demo meetings with you in a jiffy. Adding CTAs also helps you let your prospects take the desired action. Say, you want to take them to a particular landing page, you can do it easily with CTAs.

Track Prospect’s Interest

Gain insights into all your videos. Know how your prospects are responding to your videos and understand the video performance. Send timely follow-ups to your prospects with Hippo Video’s real-time notifications.

Close More Deals with Proposal Walkthroughs

Take advantage of videos to run your prospects through the proposal documents. Create and send proposal videos to save your prospect’s time from reading paragraphs of text and make it much easier to understand

Learn from The Video Coach

Get coached by “The King of Sales”, Jeffrey Gitomer. A REAL sales video playbook that will help you understand the power of emotions, guide you with REAl world coaching and everyday practice. Everything that you need to become a REAL Rainmaker.

Shorten Your Sales Cycle With Personalized Videos